"... land sales be put on November's ballot..."


Phil Bellfy
513 Dorothy Lane

I will be unable to attend the meeting being held at the Peoples Church concerning the project formerly known as City Center II. I would ask that the following "comments" be included in the Public Record of that July 31, 2012, meeting. Thank you.

No matter what the community discusses relating to the City-owned property in the "City Center II" area, the most important commitment the City should make would be adherence to City Code Section 4.8.b.

The entire text of 4.8.b. follows --4.8. heading reads "Restriction on Powers of the Council":

"The Council shall not have the power to sell any real property of a value in excess of four dollars ($4.00) per capita according to the last preceding U.S. Census, or any parkland, or a cemetery, or any property bordering on water, or vacate any street or public place leading to a waterfront, or engage in any business enterprise requiring an investment of money in excess of ten cents (10ยข) per capita, unless approved by three fifths (3/5) of the electors voting at any general or special election."

According to documents I obtained through FOIA, I know that the "City Attorney" is simply planning to "transfer" all city-owned CCII properties to the DDA; and he's already told the Council that it would be "unlawful" to tell the DDA to put the issue of land-sales to a vote of the people. But, the Council could simply tell the "City Attorney" that he cannot "transfer" city-owned properties to the DDA just because he wants to avoid a public vote on the issue, as mandated by the Code.

Consequently, I would ask that the issue of "City Center II" land sales be put on November's ballot (there's plenty of time to do so). A 4.8.b. vote is the only way to insure that the citizens' voices are heard on this important issue.


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