Friends, Neighbors,

I'm sure that you're like me --I hate to see the developer-created blight in the area of the former project known as City Center II. Well, it seems that at least one building will be coming down --the "Little Bank Building"-- at Strathmore's expense.

The linked documents show that the "City Attorney" has, probably for the very first time, done the "right thing" in his relationship to this failed developer. The DDA will, apparently, "re-commence" the demolition, and use Strathmore's $10,000 cash bond to do so.

Even though I'm happy to see this blighted building taken down, this is, obviously, not the end of this debacle. In fact, it's probably just the beginning of a "new chapter."

Of course, the demolition will cost a lot more than $10,000.

Mr. McGinty --will that additional cost be added to the default?

Letter from City Attorney to EL DDA: TO PDF

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