re: East Lansing or East Laggard? A vote for fossil fuels? // Maria Lapinski

For posting please –thank you!

I would like to echo the sentiment of James Anderson’s post. Our family came to EL because of its reputation as a progressive community; we stay here because we believe in many ways it is progressive-ish and that there is a shared sense of place that is lacking in the surrounding communities.

Yet, for 10 years, our community dialogue on education, including the school board, has been focused on buildings rather than the substance of our schools. Although Mr. Anderson’s post continues this direction, it is spot on. East Lansing should be Green and this should be integral to new construction in the city. Period. End of story. There is nothing innovative or progressive about it.  Honestly, I can’t believe in 2018 we’re even talking about it.

Given the national political climate, it is time for local communities to take bold steps to chart the direction of our future. (i.e., we need to “move on” without them)  The environment, education, health, diversity and the economy –these are the issues that really matter on the local level –EL should be leading Michigan (dare I say, the country) toward the future in these areas. This means thinking about what really matters… in all we do –but especially with tax-payer money.


Maria Lapinski

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