Tree Trimming Under Power Lines // Don Bosman

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I’m going to stir this pot. Partly as the devils advocate and partly because I have a very strong opinion about tree trimming near power lines.

After a power outage due to trees breaking power lines, I’d like the power companies to publish a list, of property owner who interfered with scheduled trimming or removal that resulted in a broken power line.
Public shaming will do, for a start.

I like trees. I’m an advocate of permaculture. The cultivation of trees for the benefits they produce and the simple beauty of them. I have more trees on my lot than many of my neighbors. With permission, I’ve planted trees on the property of others. I have Asian pear trees planted in front of my house for the enjoyment of introducing people to a unusual tree fruit.
A fact – is that most trees along power lines were planted by birds. Accidents caused by the trees using traveling creatures, to propagate seeds.

I very much object to butchering trees in the name of power line safety. However. In the absence of sculptured pruning, I’d much rather see the entire tree removed, all the way down to the stump. I believe that any thoughtful property owner should chop, pull, cut, or mow those before they become a problem. Or, at least not object when the power company offers to remove them.

People who intentionally plant trees that could entangle power lines get either my commiseration and help removing the debris,  if they are ignorant of the future potential or my contempt if they are or should be aware of how high the trees can grow. There are lots of decorative shrubs that could be planted that will not ever grow into power line issues. I know mistakes or ignorance can happen. I’ve made mistakes in planting trees. I’ve also removed or paid to have removed, those mistakes.


Don Bosman
Meridian Township

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