Opinions from outside of East Lansing // Scott Bame

It’s been over six months since moving from East Lansing. My wife and I have both lost a lot of stress with the move, after it was completed.

When I talk to people I might mention that I just moved from East Lansing.

Most folks wonder what in the heck is going on.

Most agree that East Lansing is in bad shape.

I get the impression that folks are avoiding East Lansing, other than as a cut through to other locations.

Folks aren’t happy that LouAnn resigned from MSU

When I get a response about interim President Engler, they think he is the wrong man. I will often ask if they lean R or D. Most of the respondents were R., being out in the country.

Last, most feel that East Lansing will not be able to climb out of this mess because even the outsiders don’t trust those running the city. These same folks no longer think East Lansing Schools are doing a good job anymore, not like they used to.

I did not get anything positive about East Lansing. One person didn’t know or even care to know anything about East Lansing. No one got nasty. No one wanted to move to East Lansing because of what they are seeing in the news.

I just thought I would pass this on for what it was worth.

Good luck to all my friends in East Lansing.

Scott Bame

P. S. This was not a scientific poll. Just folks talking to folks.  Yes I know,some nice folks bought our house, but I think they’re activities are mostly outside of E. L.

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