The Sunny Side of East Lansing

Just over a week ago, Public Response asked you all to respond with the things that you like about East Lansing and living here, and your responses did not disappoint. Thank you all very much for taking the time to respond!

I meant to send this follow-up post with the compilation of answers sooner… but Spring Break got in the way last week. I apologize. However, it seems fitting to send out this “Sunny Side” email on a cold, snowy, spring day here in East Lansing 🙂

Here is the list of your thoughtful responses…

– I love the Bailey neighborhood where I reside. I love the walkability to schools and campus. I enjoy my neighbors and lifelong friends I’ve made. I love Bailey Park and look forward to the next phase in development as we (as a neighborhood and community association) work to make it happen!

– I love our school system. Our Marble Elementary School staff is phenomenal. They constantly go above and beyond for the students and are open to continued learning by way of diversity training and continued education. Many staff members host clubs for the kids after school hours and truly care about this community and working toward the future.

– I appreciate our City staff. As they are constantly criticized, they respond honestly and make themselves available to residents by answering questions directly and hosting forums.

– We have a wonderful curbside recycling system. Drop-off centers are fantastic too.

– Our public parks are well-maintained and provide free, green spaces that I frequent with my family.

– I love the amount of opportunity this community affords. If you want to get involved in a board, group, organization, etc. YOU CAN. We all have opportunities to contribute to the success of our City. I’m sorry for the people that constantly critique and complain. I find when I want to see change, if I move toward my goal positively and work as a change agent, only good can come. Many good things are born of a burden.

^ I feel like these are all very simple things, but they should be acknowledged and never be taken for granted.

– Burcham-Henge:

– We have the Ten Pound Fiddle, example:

– Our kids play Quidditch:

– Our co-ed friendly pick-up soccer club:

– Purslane – our weed, our salad:

– We have an actual pub and have for a long time:

– The trails, especially the River Trail

– The LSO, which is often astonishing

– Curious Book Shop

– The marvelousness of living with young people all around us

– I love the neighborhoods of East Lansing, each with their own identity. I especially love my Pinecrest neighborhood, where neighbors are friendly without being nosy.

– I love the town and gown — each is enriched by the perspectives and contributions of the other.

– I love the library, its presence and services and resources. I even like the fund-raising efforts – Books, Bites and Bids is fun!

– I like our commitment to the people of the city and striving to be the kind of city in which we all want to live.

– I love the trail system and opportunities to support our parks.

– The people.

– The walkability of many neighborhoods to schools and downtown.

– The proximity to MSU –it’s people, beautiful campus with maintained running and biking trails, Wharton Center etc.

– The dogs!

– The schools and the diversity of families.

– The trees.

– Downtown offerings – festivals and events.

– The lack of traffic.

– The new bike lanes, wishing for more.

– East Lansing Info and the wonderful job on they do on reporting local news and events.

– Public Response and those who contribute thoughtful, often well-researched essays to the email list. It provides a wonderful opportunity for the voices of the people to be shared and heard.

– The Hannah Community Center and all of the classes, events and opportunities it provides for children and adults. It is a big part of what makes East Lansing feel like a community.

– The overall affordability of living here.

– Good neighbors and how we look out for one another.

– The Butterfly House at MSU. Children love it, and nothing is more special than seeing a child connect with nature with a huge smile on their face.

– The single stream, curbside recycling program. As I have traveled around the country and find many places where recycling is still non-existant, or difficult, I appreciate it even more.

– Beggars Banquet.

– The open minds of most people living here.

– Whole Paycheck (Whole Foods).

– The fabulous public school system, and its tremendous dedication and commitment to our children, who are our future.

– Patriarche Park

– Wharton Center and all of the wonderful musicals, musicians, and talent that it brings to our community.

– Fall college football Saturdays.

– Speaking of fall – curbside leaf collection.

– The connection to the Lansing River Trail. One of our favorite things to do is ride our bikes to downtown Lansing and back on a nice day.

– Although I don’t necessarily agree with government decisions made and the outcomes all of the time, I do appreciate the general strive for progress within our community – from our government, citizens, etc – instead of holding on to the status quo.


Thank you again to all who responded.

Hopefully this list shines some warm light on you all, on such a chilly spring day!


Matt Kazmierski
Public Response administrator

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