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East Lansing Info (ELi) provides nonprofit, nonpartisan news and information for East Lansing. A major part of that service is providing information and investigative reporting about elections for voters in East Lansing.

Jessy Gregg and I have produced a comprehensive nonpartisan voter guide on the income tax proposal, with substantial help from Chris Root. You can read that here:

Additionally, Chris Root has provided an in-depth look at the Ingham County jail and justice millage, published here:

Karessa Wheeler has kicked off our coverage of the upcoming ELPS Board of Trustees race by telling us who has filed to run, here:

Finally, I am sure our Managing Editor Ann Nichols would like me to remind you that if you read ELi via Facebook, there are stories you may be missing. That’s because Facebook doesn’t always allow us to push material in ways that will guarantee you see it. If you want to make sure you’re not missing anything, sign up for one or both of our free e-mailers:

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