Influence peddling and tax vote // Eliot Singer

Even after years of investigative reporting on East Lansing, I am amused by the report in ELi about big contributors to the yes campaign with reasons to influence city hall, including what is now hotter than development tax giveaways, peddling dope. (I’ve favored legalization since my hippie days, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t big players trying to get in to a profitable industry by greasing the skids. )

Normally business interests don’t like taxes, witness Chamber sayin no, but this is the only influence peddling game in town right now.

One of the more humorous items from the Cuyahoga Cc II trial was an attempt to get George Perles’ support with state government by contributing to youth football.

One of my favorite scenes in Casablanca is when Louis says “I’m shocked shocked to find gambling” then gets handed his winnings. Pretty much East Lansing government supporters playing innocent.

Eliot Singer

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