Income Tax Proposal and Election Results // Matt Kazmierski

The City of East Lansing’s income tax proposal on yesterday’s ballot passed with around 58% of voters voting “yes” (some other sources say as high as 61%). East Lansing Info was on top of the outcome late last night. ELi also has a short survey asking voters to explain their vote of “yes” or “no” on the income tax proposal.

Other general results include:

– A passing of the Ingham County ballot proposal for a new jail millage

– Gretchen Whitmer winning the Democratic Party’s nomination for Governor of Michigan

– Bill Schuette winning the Republican Party’s nomination for Governor of Michigan

More results on other races, and more statistical details can be found at a number of other sources, including:

I would like to personally thank those of you who contributed your critical thinking in regard to the income tax proposal, by posting and sharing your thoughts with the readers of the Public Response mailing list. It was a great “conversation” that included a lot of interesting and helpful analysis of the many complex issues involved. Thank you all very much.

-Matt Kazmierski
Public Response Administrator

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