Tolerance…and Opportunity // Bill Weckesser

Tolerance in East Lansing took a hit yesterday as my John James yard sign was deliberately bent over.

We have an historic opportunity in Michigan to elect our state’s first African American US Senator! This is so important. The symbolism of an African American representing Michigan—home of the infamous Detroit riots—cannot be denied.

For many in East Lansing voting for an African American republican for high office will be a litmus test of the depth of their convictions for racial equality and social justice. No one ever said these fights would be easy or the choices involved simple.


Bill Weckesser

5 thoughts on “Tolerance…and Opportunity // Bill Weckesser”

  1. Bill,
    Could you please say more about John James? What are your thoughts about why he might be a better choice than re-electing our current senator?

    Nancy Cuddeback

  2. Interesting, but ultimately fraudulent take on history. The so-called riots were not, but rather a community response to the killing of a four year old girl by a National Guard sniper (put on the streets by an ever so Republican Governor), and the violence at a local blind pig and hotel in Detroit.

    Maybe it would be interesting to check in with the communties of Detroit, and Flint, and Benton Harbor about this so-called litmus test for social equality and social justice, since basically this candidate has a very sketchy track record and as usual nothing to back up the claims made.

    So in short: what is there to show this candidate has anything to contribute to attempts to create social justice or social equity?


    Mark S.

  3. This is not a time when we can afford to vote for “symbolism” over substance. The “litmus test” for Michigan voters is whether they will get off their butts and go to the polls to correct the mistake they made two years ago when they elected Donald Trump president. They can do this by rejecting John James, Mike Bishop, and every other avowed Trump enabler on the ballot. Debbie Stabenow and Elissa Slotkin will do far more for racial equality and social justice than these two Trump supporters.

    Those who want both substance and symbolism need look no further than the governor’s race, where Gretchen Whitmer’s running mate Garlin Gilchrist is seeking to become Michigan’s first African-American lieutenant governor.

  4. Not to mention to support the ballot initiative to end gerrymandering so that we can have truly free and fair elections. But I do agree that no one in our community should be damaging or defacing yard signs. Which reminds me, I need to get my Elissa Slotkin yard sign.

    Mike Bishop is the main target of my personal ire – he has no issue refusing to hold town halls. He does not believe that he works for the people of this District. No one with that attitude should return to Congress. He is a public SERVANT, not a member of the aristocracy (we don’t have one of those in this country!).

  5. Social justice? Do you know anything about the candidate? His campaign page verbatim states that he “supports the Trump agenda”.

    There is NOTHING socially just about the Trump agenda.


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