What Happened to voting for the best candidate? // Scott Bame

I don’t vote color. I vote the best candidate. Back when Debbie Stabenow who was holding office as an Ingham County commissioner and running to be a state rep. I helped her in her campaign. Once elected she lied to me deliberately on how she voted on a specific bill. She said she would vote for the bill and did not, but said that she had voted for the bill. The next year a similar bill was introduced and she again said she would vote for it. Afterwards she said she had voted for the bill. She had not! She completely changed from when she was a county commissioner; and not for the better.

If you vote for John James because he is black, you are voting for the wrong reason. If you feel he is the better candidate, vote for him. I will.

As for the governor’s race, anyone I would vote for did not make it through the primary. There were 3 candidates I would have voted for. Now, should I vote for a bully or for someone who is a “Me, too!” person and too much like Debbie Stabenow? I only hope the winner will actually change their stripes and become what a governor should be. I doubt it will happen.

Maybe it should be time to eliminate primaries and let it be a free-for-all on election day.

Scott Bame

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