Property Taxes Still Not Paid for Dublin Square // Eliot Singer

According to City of East Lansing Assessment and Tax information, 327 Abbott Road, LLC, has yet to pay its summer 2018 real property taxes of $41,779.30, now plus interest, since August 31. This is the real property for Dublin Square.

Authentic Properties, LLC, owes $11,010.80 in summer 2018 personal property taxes, plus interest.

I have not checked whether past taxes referred to Ingham County have been paid, but the point is moot.

It is a violation of the city charter to do business with anyone who owes the city money, including taxes, as was finally accepted by city hall, during the fights over City Center II.

Obviously, leasing Lot 4 is a way around the city charter’s provision requiring public vote to sell property and, following the precedent with Lot 1, basically means if city hall wanted to lease your neighborhood park to a crony, they could get away with it.


– Eliot Singer

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  1. We asked Paul Vlahakis about back taxes on October 14 for our October 15 report, and you can see his full answer to that question near the end of this PDF:

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