Covid Locally // Bill Weckesser

As for Covid-19 locally, so far so good for our area following the George Floyd protests and the Harper’s outbreak.

This chart comes from the Ingham County Health Department and in the aftermath of both the protests and the bar outbreak,  there hasn’t been a serious spike in hospitalizations or ICU usage.

Locally,  we’re seeing a lot more tests, more incidences but steady hospitalizations.

It’s well known that viruses tend to burn out after awhile and hopefully, that’s what our local data is showing.  At least the severity looks to be diminishing to a point that any serious individual would have to question what the appropriate response now is.  Lots of data now indicate that Covid-19 as a public health problem is now on par with a serious influenza season.  

That’s led health experts to argue that the schools are essential and need to open this fall.

– Bill Weckesser

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