Downtown East Lansing Gift Cards – Support local businesses! // Matt Kazmierski

The City of East Lansing has set up a program that allows you to purchase a “Downtown East Lansing” gift card online, which can then be used at a number of local East Lansing businesses.

“Downtown East Lansing offers many of your favorite retailers, restaurants and professional service providers. Use this gift card at all participating merchant locations! This Holiday Season purchase gift cards and receive free bonus gifts. Buy $25 or more and get a $10 bonus gift; Buy $50 or more and get a $20 bonus gift; Buy $100 or more and get a $40 bonus gift. Happy Holidays from Downtown East Lansing Merchants!”

A list of participating businesses can be found at and according to Mayor Pro Tem Jessy Gregg “We’re still working on signing up more businesses as well so hopefully it will get better and better.”

The link for purchasing the gift cards is:

You might also want to read some of ELi’s recent features on local businesses at 

-Matt Kazmierski

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1 thought on “Downtown East Lansing Gift Cards – Support local businesses! // Matt Kazmierski”

  1. I received two quick replies from Aaron Stephens (Mayor) and Amy Schlusler-Schmitt (Director of the East Lansing Downtown Management Board), each of them noting that the program does not officially begin until tomorrow. Please see their responses below. – Matt Kazmierski


    My name is Amy Schlusler-Schmitt and I serve as the Director of the East Lansing Downtown Management Board and manager of the new Downtown East Lansing eGift card program.

    I did just want to take a moment to clarify that this program is going to officially launch tomorrow, December 11, 2020. An official City of East Lansing Press Release with program information will be distributed tomorrow morning when the program launches. The bonus program referenced in the information below will not be available until tomorrow morning to purchasers.

    I just wanted to share the most up-to-date information for you, in case you received any questions from readers, etc.

    Thank you,


    This goes live tomorrow! It is the perfect gift to get someone (or yourself) for the holidays! Please buy and then USE the gift cards at those participating businesses downtown and eventually throughout the city!

    My new favorite pastime, buying produce from Campbell’s market. Fresh, better quality and usually bigger!


    Aaron Stephens

    Mayor of East Lansing


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