Economic Planning or Freedom?

Our right to personal property is fundamental to our freedom and it
should not be taken lightly. Before eroding one of the pillars of
our democracy in favor of an art museum, maybe we should pause a
minute to consider the issues at hand.

You and I must have exclusive rights to our property and to the
product of our labor in order to provide a living for ourselves and
for our families. How can we sleep at night knowing that the state
has the right to take our income, our business, or even the home that
we have spent many years paying for?

We should carefully think about what is at stake. What precedent do
we set by allowing the state to trample the rights of an individual
in order to benefit a select few special interest groups? This is a
slippery slope that we are sliding down as the state expands its
power and influence at the expense of our rights and freedoms.

If the state is allowed to appropriate and redistribute personal
property at will, then we become nothing more than slaves of the state.

This is America. The Individual has supremacy over the state.

Abe Cuddeback