Let's move East Lansing into the future

Let's move East Lansing into the future

Good day all, my name is Keith Hagen and I am an attorney and long-time resident of East Lansing. I’m interested in making our community better. The instrument for that is East Lansing Forward. The original concept was set to be an informational sharing group, but after our launch it became evident our city needs more. More action, more positivity, more involvement and more personal interaction, East Lansing Forward is a group that is community based, so whether you are a student at MSU, a resident of the Glencairn neighborhood, or a small business owner on Grand River Avenue you are all welcome to participate to do some good things in our community.

We are currently a week away from ending our introductory event which is called Holiday Helper. East Lansing Forward has reached out to each of the elementary schools in East Lansing and made arrangements to assist as many families as we can this holiday season. Our goal is to have every child and family enjoy a holiday moment that so many of us take for granted. If you would like to lend a hand, donate or take part in future East Lansing Forward events please visit our website or join the East Lansing Forward Facebook group for details. Let’s create a community together, that’s more than just a collection of neighborhoods, where everyone works together for the common goal of creating a more positive East Lansing.

Keith M. Hagen
East Lansing Forward
East Lansing Forward

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