• Title: re: re: Saying Goodbye to East Lansing
  • Author: Scott Bame
  • Date: 09/15/2017
  • Additional Categories: Recent Essays, Scott Boehme

re: re: Saying Goodbye to East Lansing

Response to Kristin Beals Bellar:

I do not know you. But you are one of the examples why I am leaving East Lansing, you want to run other peoples lives and lack common-sense.

Please re-read what I wrote because you have missed point of what I was saying. I do not wish anything but the best for you and your family, but I am tired of dealing with the elitists within East Lansing. I hope I am wrong about the future of this City, but experience (a great teacher) has taught me otherwise.

As for East Lansing Schools if they only taught one thing, critical thinking, East Lansing students would out perform 80% of all the students in Michigan.

But from my perspective, because of the inference within your posting, I would consider it the highest honor to share bread with a poor family who might live in a hut with earthen floors rather than break bread with govenors, both I have done. The poor family honored me the best they could and I treasure that to this day. As for the governors, whether I showed or not really did not matter and I felt the same about them.

I will still offer my blessing to you and this City and hope that God will bless you and keep you safe and the same for East Lansing.

Scott Bame