re: To fund or not to fund: a clear choice

I have to agree and disagree with Susan Schmidt. Public Respone in itself does not need to "get the facts right". Public Response in itself is a medium or forum so the subscribers can exchange ideas and thoughts about what is occurring in EL and surrounding communities.

It would be very nice if AUTHORS got their facts right, but that is not Public Response's responsibility and only takes credibility away from the authors.

I do agree with Susan that more of the people that continuously harp on the same issues, yet sit on the sidelines rather than getting involved, is foolish and straight out looks bad. Writing an essay here and there is one thing, but when your bailiwick is say development issues in the city but all that is done is talking about it, well, it often falls on deaf ears. All talk and no action.

ELi on the other hand, presents itself as some sort of journalistic entity, yet often to me, seems to lack journalistic integrity and standards that accredited and reputable news sources exhibit. I do have confidence that if or as they grow, they will learn the importance of researched and balanced reporting.

Public Response does not bill itself as a news entity and is a valuable resource in a time where many feel, from all sides of the aisle, that their voice is not heard.

Like Susan, I no longer live in EL, I am out in Grand Ledge and have thought of starting something like Public Response out here.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Keep Buggering On,

Brett Gillespie