Who controls the funding? What not to fund: not so clear choices

(For publication) Friendly challenge to Susan Schmidt:

Susan, it is good to hear your voice again in our East Lansing debates.

Here is my simple challenge to you: I find Public Response and Eli invaluable sources of information and perspective, because there are no other sources of real in-depth reporting. LSJ reporting is woefully incomplete, and seriously slanted by omission of facts.

Would you please give us some specific instances of “toxicity” and “negativity.” From my perspective, city staff( with a small handful of exceptions), most commission members most DDA members, and volunteers have been nearly useless in understanding and confronting issues such as the TIF tax subsidies. To name a couple of names, Eliot Singer and Alice Dreger have been indispensable to me and many others in understanding and facing the major issues of this city. I am grateful for their work. I learn so much from them, and even when they make mistakes, like most of us humans do, I often learn more from their mistakes than from the eternal sweet talk of city staff, some council members, and the Downtown Developers Alliance, which has owned city hall for this entire new millennium.

Peace, Jim Anderson