• Title: re: Who controls the funding? What not to fund: not so clear choices
  • Author: BoB Cukier
  • Date: 12/21/2017
  • Additional Categories: Recent Essays, Editorials, BoB Cukier

re: Who controls the funding? What not to fund: not so clear choices

Hello All,

The below email saved me time as I was going to respond in much the same way.

I just add the following items.

I re-upped and increased my contribution to Eli as it is the only source of accurate information about EL.

Re the LSJ – they either by omission or commission are a negative source of EL information.

To add insult to injury, they just upped their monthly subscription price from $37 to $51. With no explanation. I know newspapers in general are in a tough spot. Many have commented on how this situation is destructive of our Democracy. The LSJ well illustrates the problem.

I really concur with the “would you please give us some specific… “ plea. It drives me nuts when so much commentary is just blowing smoke.

To give two examples of the Eli vs LSJ:

1) When the BWL tree “trimming” program started, the LSJ just said that EL residents were spoiled complainers. Eli actually went and asked different electric utilities about their respective tree trimming procedures. There is a range of protocols. That was very useful to know.

2) When the income tax proposal failed, Eli surveyed the community and published both a summary and the raw data. Reading through it you could get a sense of what the community (yes I know it’s only those who responded) is thinking about. That is very useful in contrast to statements that the proposal failed because people don’t trust the EL council.

Best to all for a great Holiday season,

BoB Cukier