• Title: ASMSU - This Is The Right Thing To Do!
  • Author: Scott Boehme
  • Date: 09/12/2005
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ASMSU - This Is The Right Thing To Do!

*MSU: Security, Safety, and Character Issues

Scott Interviewed by Channel 10 at ASMSU Meeting

Its time for the students to step up

Thursday night I went to the ASMSU meeting to bring to their attention that the real solution to the disturbances attributed to MSU students in East Lansing are the students themselves. As the leading body for the MSU students I am holding them responsible from this point on, if they do not take action. The term I used was actions of character instead of actions of convenience.

It is time that the students deny inability or responsibility to stop such actions. If we use the example of Welcome Week alone, we see young people, some MSU students, some not, were put into life threatening situations primarily by their own actions.

Also I mentioned the only way to make East Lansing safe, as well as the campus with approximately 1,000 drunkenly crazed people in a frenzy is to bring in the National Guard. Local police cannot truly secure such a large area.

To my readers of this epistle, local police can stop such activities, but making it secure? No. We dont have the budget or the manpower for such efforts.

As I explained to ASMSU, they can take a leadership role alongside East Lansing in controlling the uncontrollable individuals. This is how I explained it to them.

Peer pressure. Unadulterated peer pressure. Get-in-your-face peer pressure. Ostracizing peer pressure. Tell those individuals by hew and cry that it is no longer acceptable to behave in this manner.

ASMSU can apply further pressure to all organizations that each budgetary allotment is conditional on their active participation in this campaign.

I offered them a carrot and a stick. If they fail to step forward and provide best-efforts with the most sincerity in this project, I will go to the City and start campaigning so we no longer recognize ASMSU or any other student organization; and in addition, I will provide my best efforts to have all students removed from all boards, commissions and task forces. The City would ostracize the students.

For their fullest and most sincere efforts I would campaign that ASMSU be credited as an equal partner in solving this problem with the City. In addition, each student who guaranteed and performed as required by their signing an affirmation, would receive an officially documented certificate, sealed and signed that demonstrated this individual was an active participant in this project and therefore it is the recommendation of this City, this Council, and this People, that this individual, based upon the highest level of character, be a candidate for this employment position.

I admit better people can put this in better form, but they got the idea.

It is \\\"character before convenience\\\" that mandates ASMSU step forward. In simpler words, Its the right thing to do.

As in another campaign, Just say no. demonstrated it works. Give these people some really bad attitude. The students dont want them doing this and we dont either!

This is what I told ASMSU on Thursday September 8, 2005. The leadership, especially Andrew R. Schepers, Chairperson of the 42nd Session of Student Assembly, was not only helpful, he was welcoming, also. His efforts on short notice are extremely appreciated and noted.

The effort I am insisting upon by the students is not physical confrontation. This would be wrong. Ostracizing, condemning and a simple cold should will work wonders. If it doesnt (I think it will) they have done their best. They deserve recognition for best efforts, anyway.

What can we do north of Grand River. First, please post your comments on P. R.. Show your support for this idea. Let ASMSU know you like this idea. Contact information is at the end of this posting. If you do let the students know, please make sure you let them know that you realize it is the smallest minority causing the problem. But, by not screaming bloody murder, they are condoning these actions.

So, as a total community, everyone step forward. Let us start stepping on the toes of some naughty children until they apologize.


Scott Boehme