Who Defines "The Needs of East Lansing"

#1. Who defines "The Needs Of East Lansing"

What a fantastic quote from Matt Mitroka: “If the project really does fill the needs of East Lansing it will be viable without the city having to act as a public-private partnership developer.” If the developer is confident that this project is economically viable and confident that the residents of East Lansing will buy into his idea with their own dollar bills, he should be willing to take on the financial risk himself. If the residents of East Lansing truly support the project, he will make money. By seeking out a government subsidy, he is admitting that this is not the case. His market research shows that the numbers do not work out as a stand-alone investment. This project obviously needs to lean on the crutch of tax money in order to stand up.

Furthermore, the developer should be able to deal with Matt Hagan on an even playing field, instead of cowering behind the implied threat of the city government. If he wants Matt’s property, he should make an honest offer for it. Why is the city even involved?

If the City of East Lansing is serious about promoting business growth in our area, the solution is simple: “Get out of the way!”

Abe Cuddeback