City Council Packets

Today I received a phone call from Laurie Hoffman (Admin. Clerk - 319-6920) at city hall.
She indicated that the city will begin publishing the weekly "Council Packets" on Monday morning
of each week in pdf format on the city website. This is positive news for each citizen and
a wonderful improvement for the East Lansing website.

This step provides a clear opportunity (others tools are needed) to define our democracy
in East Lansing as "... a process of forming opinions" and not just an expression of capitalism
or rule by the fortunate few. In my opinion, the publication of public information on the city website
will encourage the process of forming independent opinions and cultivate open debate. I think
we may be at the fork in the road where we can decide to grow and encourage an educational democracy
through individual opinions and open debate. What do you think?

I want to thank Ted Staton for his right response in making this publication judgement. Thank you!

As many of you know, Phil Bellfy and I wrote recently in Public Response a critical essay
pointing out what we perceived as major flaws in the new city website. This new city policy
of publishing (in pdf format) the city council's weekly packets on each Monday morning has
addressed some of our concerns. I encourage all to use Public Response to express
your individual opinions and expectations for community review and debate.

Thank you again, Ted Staton (and Laurie Hoffman)