I recently received the City Attorney's March billing records from the City. And, as might be expected, there was quite a bit of billing related to City Center II. Consequently, I made the following FOIA request (I did not request all of the CCII documents --see the PDF for a complete recounting of CCII documents --and everything else the City Attorney billed for!!):

Ms. McKenna,
As referenced in the March City Attorney billing records, I request the following underlined documents:
03/15/2012 --DEM --City Center II -Draft and review site plan opinion letter.
03/15/2012 --TMY --City Center II -Review of file or materials. Draft correspondence to client.
03/19/2012 --DEM --City Center II -Receive and review multiple documents.
03/21/2012 --DEM --City Center II -Receive and review memo and disclaimer.
03/22/2012 --DEM City Center II -Receive and review developer's edits. Receive and review revised lease analysis
03/26/2012 --DEM City Center II -Receive and review memo from Diane. Draft correspondence to client. Receive and review lease analysis. Receive and review surveys and legals.
03/27/2012 --DEM City Center II -Receive and review revised lease summary spreadsheet. Draft correspondence to Tom.
As has been the City's recent practice, I request the documents be sent to me as a PDF attachment. Thanks.
Phil Bellfy
513 Dorothy Lane

Of course, as soon as I receive them, they will be posted on PR, but, given the City's usual foot-dragging practice, I suspect that they will keep these documents out of the public's view until whatever CCII debacle comes out of this mess will be a "done-deal," and only made public long after we'll have anything to say about any of this. (Note to Council --please prove me wrong!)

The Council has declared that the entire "due diligence" process will be conducted out in the open, and all City Center II documents will be posted on the City's website. Well, the simple fact that I had to file this FOIA request is proof that the "promise" is hollow (if the Council was being honest, the documents would be already be on line, but they're not, obviously)

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