"...let the election happen before declaring victory..."

Good, bad or indifferent I trust that there will be an election on the ELPS bond on February 28. Let the election happen before declaring victory or defeat on this bond issue. It feels a little bit arrogant and patronizing to declare victory before the result and invite all who are against the bond to drop their opposition and join hands on February 22, six days before the event. In the name of community and unity, admit defeat and join us. That seems to be the sentiment of Mr. Croom's post. I have been active in supporting East Lansing schools for 13 years with three children going through the system. I have lots of issues with this bond, the process and how decisions were made. If the bond wins, I'm not sure what will happen with toys, but I will not pack up my house, my kids or my involvement with East Lansing Schools. But please, let the election happen before declaring victory and so magnanimously inviting the "losers" back into the fold. I will be voting no. If the bond should not pass, no gloating. I would invite Mr. Croom - toys and all - to come back to the table and help shape a consensus proposal that seeks to serve all of the children of East Lansing Public Schools and seeks unity in the community rather than division and acrimony.