Reply to: "Stop Stealing Our Signs"

First, I will take this opportunity to again ask those reading this to vote NO on this ELPS bond. Go to and check out the research. This bond is not in the best interest of ELPS at this time. There ARE alternative plans that were put forward by the Citizen's Committee and by Superintendent Chapin himself. The current bond offering was forwarded on a split 4-3 vote and has been extremely divisive for our lovely hamlet of East Lansing.

Next, I would like to fully agree with Nicolas Gisholt. Every citizen should have the integrity and decency to abide by the rules and practice civic and social norms. Don't pull or steal yard signs. No one. Not cool.

Finally, to Nic, I would say, take it down a notch. It really sound like you are blaming those of us who were at the recent Glencairn meeting and are working to defeat this bond. I think the rules of decency and decorum are not cast blame or aspersion on an entire group for the actions of one or several unknown people. And if you do know who yanked the signs, report the person or persons to the police.

Regarding yard sign pulling in general, I would join you in stating: not cool. Regarding blame and allegations and admonishing folks who you are not even sure yanked the signs, I would say: cool out a bit, brother. This election issue is heated. It does not need to be THAT heat. Everyone enjoy your weekend.

Support a Better Plan...Vote NO on February 28