Bonds Not needed to Accomplish Goals of Community

The East Lansing School board has not done it's homework.

There is another way to renovate and upgrade the current potential school

projects. Its really a mind - set that is the problem. 'We need the school

district to participate in the careful operation of the buildings which

represents 40% of the operating budgets. We do not need to bond anything to

accomplish the goals of the community.

MSU and most of the other colleges,and K-12 districts here in Michigan

and those across the nation utilize a program, in Michigan law called

performance contracting.

Energy service companies will bundle upgrades, renovations, new building

envelope equipment and retro-commissioning of facility HVAC, technology, and

security with third party financing , paid from operating budgets.

Most interest charges currently are sub- 3% now, and allow for a 25- year

program that is cash neutral. There are no high up-front fees like there is

with bonding.

Savings comes from replacing old equipment, windows, etc with new

technology saving operating costs and paying for new equipment and renovations with

the savings.

This will not increase the taxes in East Lansing, and will hold the school

district responsible for building operational performance .

Why don't we try this ? Lets call Honeywell, Noresco, Johnson Controls,

Siemens before we spend more money we do not have.

The companies guarantee the savings in the program, or pay the school

district where the savings are not made. This is the core business of these

companies and this is done all over the world.

We need to attract new families to East Lansing. With the taxes as they

are, and the prospect of more taxes, this will just not happen. Our homes

are worth 1/2 of their value and we will not see any movement if we cannot

compete with Okemos, and Haslett.

Please vote No on the bond issue.

Respectively Submitted,