Community Conversation (01/23/12 E.L. Public Library -7PM)

My dear friends,

As some of you know, I recorded the meeting at the East Lansing Library. It has not been a normal process of editing the video from 3 cameras and five audio sources into one coherent production. Technical issues where more common on this project than candidates for office.

The last extreme frustration is trying to get the video to upload to YouTube. I had uploaded one generic piece about six months before. When something goes wrong, YouTube will not say what the problem was, even though their computer will tell what happened in computer talk. YouTube will tell you it didn't work. The uploader can only guess at what the problem is.

Each attempt to upload to YouTube is a 36 hour process and only at the end will you be told there was a problem.

It appears that the video upload finally and is successful (HOO - RAH). The link to watch the video on YouTube is:

Community Conversation

If your computer starts and stops as it plays. Put your video player in pause and allow it to download completely, then watch.

This is the download link for a low quality audio of the meeting, right click and save from:

Sound Track

The audio link will only be posted here at Public Response.

Please note that Eric Schertzing's name is not clearly heard on the audio at the beginning, a slate in the video identified him. My apologies to Mr. Schertzing. Jeff Hank's name was spelled incorrectly in the video, very sorry Jeff!

Scott Boehme
Thank You Scott Boehme!