"Backup or pack up, it is your choice! "

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The City of East Lansing has again stepped over the line in the sand

I can not believe it, only a week or so after addressing on Public Response that the East Lansing council will be trying to raise taxes, they are actually trying to raise taxes again.

These are my interpretation of possible reasons they are doing so:

The East Lansing City Council has more than wasted all the money they are responsible for managing and expect more.

The East Lansing City council wants to demonstrate that there is little or no oppositions to their actions.

The East Lansing City council is trying to jack up tax rates so that they can push an income tax through an election.

If there is not a strong disapproval of their actions across the board, they will think we are puppets and they are the puppet masters.

It is time that council reascends the past property tax of only a year ago and to revoke the implementation of this current attempt to again raise taxes.

If there are no other examples of a reason to recall the maximum number of council members, 3; I don't know what is going to move the citizenry to act.

One of the things that can be done is to file immediately a protest for property evaluation that has been suggested in the last tax bill. Only the city thinks property values are rising.

Also, I have heard and would like to know more about the unconfirmed statement that if a person is retired and has lived in a house so many years, some or all of school tax is waived. If this is true, what are the particulars to qualify?

About a decade ago this little ditty circulated around when the City was mumbling income tax, please click the attachment link for an MP3 recording (600 kb) relating to the last attempt. It appears this might happen again. [note to Jim: if you are not going to forward the mp3 link with the email, please pull this paragraph.]

I must admit, my patience is about at its limit for this foolishness from the City. I am now starting to be angry, really angry. The last time I got this angry, the council was replaced along with the city manager. I don't know what legal actions I will take with only a bit more nonsense, except I know the city will not like it.

Will it be a campaign to remove everyone, and the newly appointed city manager? Will it be a campaign that publicly questions any of the City's actions? I mean a real campaign which will address these questions to the folks who like to hand out money.

Whatever happens, the current people will lose their little fiefdom. And if you look at why the last city manager Tom Dority and his council were moved out was because they lost control of the city budget and wasting dollar after dollar as if they had their own money machine. I see no difference at this time with the current council and the council where good and decent member returned the city to fiscal responsibility after first removing Dority's council.

To the City of East Lansing, a line is again drawn in the sand and you have more than over stepped the line. Backup or pack up, it is your choice!

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