"…Supreme Court Victory"

Title: Jared Rapp prevails against MSU parking, Ingham County, and 54-B Court with Supreme Court Victory

Author: Jeffrey A. Hank

Breaking News: Former MSU College of Law student and East Lansing resident Jared Rapp prevailed after years of injustice after he was selectively prosecuted by local officials for his steadfast stand against abuses of power in our community, in this instance, by MSU parking and police officials, the Ingham County Prosecutor's Office, and the 54-B District Court (Judge David Jordon presided over the original trial). Jared's misdemeanor conviction of "disrupting" a university official by attempting to prove that MSU parking officials were non-compliant with the law and hold them accountable was finally overturned by the Michigan Supreme Court this afternoon on First Amendment grounds.

The full text of the opinion can be viewed at Full Text of Opinion.

I had represented Jared as co-counsel in the case, but real credit goes to Attorney J. Nicholas Bostic, the prudent judges of the Michigan Supreme Court, and Jared himself, for standing up for all of our rights when so many others would have given up long ago. Let this be a reminder to those in the community who would seek to oppress local activists......we do not give up, we do not give in. Until Justice is Served.

Yours Truly,

Jeffrey A. Hank

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