"…he wants to throw out the 50/50 rules on bar sales…"

Local politics sure is confusing. For instance…

About a year ago Councilman Triplett was a vocal defender of running the bike-taxi business “Spar-Thai” out of town. Owner Dave Thorin couldn’t afford the city licenses so he closed shop. For councilman Triplett, no problem. What business is it of the city to promote commerce?

Now, perhaps a conversion, as he wants to throw out the 50/50 rules on bar sales and fast track the lease for a new bar downtown. He argues that the rules are costly, onerous and ineffective. (Sounds like me!) And, earlier there was the inaudible vote supporting St. Anne’s. Plus, he had no problem helping out a local law firm by okaying the purchase of a portion of its front lawn and using $130,000 of our dollars fixing its retaining wall and side walk. The fact that it’s the city’s law firm having no bearing on the matter. All in the spirit commerce, capitalism and promoting the downtown!

But wait, as he’s made abundantly clear on his Facebook page he’s definitely against Right to Work. That’s freeloading. (Imagine a liberal democrat opposed to that.) Anyway on that issue, commerce and capitalism take a back seat. Conversion renounced.

Is there a common thread? Would Spar-Thai have met a different fate if it’s owner had been a big money, well-connected, politically active businessman? What if it employed only union bikers? Or made free rides available to campaign supporters? If I was a campaign supporter and the city marked some of my sidewalk for reconstruction could I call him and donate it and avoid the repair cost? Does throwing out the 50/50 rules have anything to do with campaign support? Does he oppose RTW with religious fervor and conviction for fear of loss of political funds?

Maybe I’m looking at local politics through the looking glass. Or wine glass.
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