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The solution to icy sidewalks, particularly public sidewalks is not enforcement or education. I don't clear and salt my sidewalk -only- because it's the right thing to do, and because I use the sidewalks. Extra impetus comes from knowing it lowers
the potential for being sued for more than my home owners
policy will cover.

The solution to icy sidewalks in any city is a couple of large,
well publicized, cash judgements against the city for not
enforcing existing law. It will come from settlements from CVS and
The Marriott for not clearing ice off their sidewalks.
East Lansing can't get away with saying the icy sidewalk issue
isn't documented. Eliot, for one, has done plenty of writing about it.
Many companies didn't take the American with Disabilities Act
seriously until some "militant" disabled people started serial law suits.
Sic a couple of trial lawyers on the city and large corporate entities.
mall companies would probably be forced into bankruptcy. That would not be a useful result.

By the way, What is the ice situation of the sidewalks near various law offices in the city?
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