Dear Neighbors:

Please see today's LSJ headlines about "Aggressive" ticket-based revenue schemes. East Lansing's ticket revenue greed and tax farming racket is a major problem for the city and is a serious contributing factor to many of our community ills including acrimonious relations between community members, corruption of our court system and public officials including our no-bid contract "city attorney", and East Lansing's reputation as an unjust and unfair place to do business.

I have been on the frontlines fighting against this tax racket for years, and todays' Lansing State Journal just scratches the surface. As a result of my attempts at reform, I too have been a victim of the system and retaliated against by corrupt local officials.

George Lahanas is blatantly dishonest in this article. George, we expect the usual suspects Nathan Triplett, Diane Gooddeeris, Vic Loomis, Kevin Beard, and Kathleen Boyle and the "city attorney's" office to lie to us and to support a system of injustice and ticket revenue greed, but we expect more out of you. If you are paying attention, we all know the system is about revenue, and public safety is just your PR talking points. If you weren't ignoring, aiding and abetting corruption of our political and judicial systems, we might be able to look the other way. But too many victims of the criminal actors in city hall and the 54-B court have been hurt for us to turn the other cheek. The city has lost millions on failed developments yet takes millions in through excessive and abusive citation based revenue impositions. Criminal fines for real crimes are one thing, but that's clearly not what the EL system is.

A good starting point would be to read today's LSJ headline and the editorial, and the article from a Michigan judge in the State Bar Journal describing tax farming regimes and how they undermine our political and judicial systems on the backs of the most vulnerable. It is crucial to understand this immoral and unjust system if we are to stop it. East Lansing is probably the worst tax farming regime in the whole state, and probably the second most corrupt municipal body after the City of Detroit.

Agressive Ticketing Article - LSJ

LSJ Editorial

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