Thank You, ELPD

The East Lansing Police Department had a very unpredictable, dangerous and incendiary situation to deal with on Saturday night following the football game. Based on what I have read, it seems that they did a commendable job of dispersing the crowd without allowing or causing any serious personal injury or damage to property.

I would like to personally thank the individuals who were willing to put on their gear, say good bye to their wives, husbands and children and go out into the night risking life and limb to maintain order in our city.

I also take exception to the suggestion that our ELPD was in any way out of bounds in their use of tear gas in the past. While tear gas is defined as a prohibited chemical weapon in war time by the Chemical Weapons Convention, the use of tear gas is specifically allowed by the same document when used by law enforcement for riot control purposes. Tear gas is widely used and accepted as a benign way to disperse a potentially dangerous crowd without causing serious injury.

I would also like to commend Coach Izzo for his comments on the radio last night chastising the few overzealous fans for getting out of line and blemishing what was otherwise a great week for MSU sports. A clear, constant and consistent message from MSU academic and athletic leadership including the athletes themselves will go a long way toward preventing this type of nonsense from reoccurring.

Again, thanks to the ELPD and keep up the good work.


Abraham H Cuddeback

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