A Plea for Care and Teamwork when Snowplowing

To: City Council and Concerned Residents in the City

Twice this past week I've had city snowplows cover my sidewalks with snow and ice. It was worse the first time after having just shoveled
my sidewalk, to have it covered by an aggressive plow driver going too fast and canceling out the hard labor I had just undertaken.

It appears that in some instances the plow drivers are not working with residents and/or city sidewalk plowers. We should be a team and
city workers shouldn't be making it harder on residents to clean their sidewalks. They should treat plowing like an art, taking care not to
cause harm or more work to residents, especially when the weather is -8 degrees like when the city handed out bunch of civil infraction
notices the other day. Getting a ticket when it's -8 degrees and your walk is reasonably passable, and would be even more passable but
for the city plow drivers recklessly covering our sidewalks, is frustrating to say the least.

This is not an issue with plowing and covering the end of a driveway as typically happens. This is over aggressive driving by plow truck
drivers so that sidewalks are actually covered. If the truck drivers can't plow with care, they need to be fired.

I'd like for someone on council or in the city manager's office to communicate to plow drivers to drive with care, and for the city to not
selectively ticket people in -8 degree weather when city agents caused much of the snow and ice cover in the first place.

We need leadership and action. If PACE has the time in -8 degree weather to hand out tickets, maybe they could instead be operating
tractors for sidewalk plows.

It's time to take a hard look at reforming snow and ice issues in the city, properly fixing and maintaining sidewalks, and eliminating or
reforming PACE and/or outsourcing plowing if city employees can't get it done right. The council and/manager should make public all
snow and ice data so together we can figure out a solution that's best for the community.
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