Open Letter to Council : Snow Removal Issues

Hi Council,

This is yet another complaint letter about the process of removing, really pushing snow, by city workers
onto the sidewalks mindlessly. The city crews are definitely not working as a team to address taxpayer concerns
to keep the snow off the sidewalks when plowing. Speed of trucks is the problem.

Yesterday my wife and I completely cleared the sidewalks, on the North side of Burcham
from Virginia Ave. to the West entrance of Marble School. Afterwards the city plow trucks
covered the sidewalks with snow. Usually the city would or should follow-up with a sidewalk
plowing to remove what the city trucks deposited on that particular run. They did not; and because of their
sloppy work habits the children from Marble School and their parents,today, will have to walk along
Burcham on ice filled sidewalks.

Possibly you could add an amendment to the recent snow removal ordinance which would require
the city trucks not to exceed the speed limit of 25 MPH on Burcham?

Yes, I would like a written response from of each of you addressing my concern. Working together to solve problems
is called cooperation and anything short of this is called, conflict. You decide.

Have a beautiful day, neighbor,

Jim Cuddeback

This letter was sent to the following council representatives:
Ruth Beier, Nathan Triplett, Susan Woods,

City Staff: George Lahanas and Todd Sneathen