Hello Jim,
I have this same issue on Sunset. I asked the City Manager about it. He said that they are aware of the problem, but that the plows need to maintain a minimum speed for the snow to be pushed far enough to be effective, which makes sense. So, my responsibility as a homeowner is to clear the walk after a snow and again after a snow plow.
In any event, though, plows should not exceed 25 mph on Burcham since that is the speed limit. I will ask George to pass this reminder along.

(March 13, 2014)


Jim Cuddeback's response to Ruth Beier (March 13, 2014)

Ruth, thanks for your reply (timely). Sunset is not equal to Burcham's four lanes which includes two bike lanes
- a lot of snow. 25 mph on the last run would, in my opinion, solve the continuous problem. But there is the missing work by the city to follow up with sidewalk plowing after they fill the sidewalks and several feet into my driveways. I will be posting your reply on Public Response. This really is a safety issue for the Marble School parents and their kids AND also a city management problem. I hope the city knows how to put a speed governor on the those trucks; and if not I am prepared to take care of this ongoing problem with words and with my natural ability to organize the parents and neighborhood.

Ruth, thanks again for your openness and please stop by my house at 710 Virginia for a show and tell after work.

Have a beautiful day,

Jim cuddeback

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