Where Is Their Loyaty?

Notable Quote:

"It is completely unfair and irrational to have our city's huge machines undercutting the hard work of residents using
shovels and muscle power." Richard Hill - East Lansing resident March 14, 2014 (Public Response)


I would like to remind the tax payers that Ruth Beier is the only city council member who has responded to my posting of
yesterday ( see http://publicresponse.com/?page=article&cid=832&aid=1401) and her response to me at ( http://publicresponse.com/?page=article&cid=832&aid=1403 ). It appears that she is uniquely loyal to the city and her love with the
city is clearly illustrated by her actions. FYI, All council members receive Public Response including the city manager and some of his staff. Where is their loyalty?

I know that city council has just recently passed a new snow and sidewalk ordinance. I do not recall an invitation by the city manager
for citizen input to identify problems unique to each street and neighborhood. I think the new ordinance needs to be tweaked. I have
suggested limiting the final run down Burcham (both East and West Final run) by the city plow trucks to be at the posted 25 mph
speed limit that the rest of us have to follow. And, I know that state law allows the plow truck drivers an exception to that rule. But, that
is all they are - rules. I would like the city to follow the rules!

Using current plowing techniques, a final run along the bike lane on Burcham at 25 mph will not push snow onto newly shoveled
sidewalks. I have been watching the city plow Burcham for 45 years and they continue to do a very poor job. Sure, the major 4-lane
street gets cleared but they destroy any human effort made by property owners to clear the sidewalks. How about the parents
and kids walking to and from school each day. Do they deserve a 90% clear sidewalk?

Since there has been no public brainstorming, that I am aware of, I have listed below what I think is the proper and fair way to
clear snow from streets and sidewalks; this is based upon my experience and I do not know all the variables.

1. 25 mph on Burcham on the last run REQUIRED by city plow trucks.

2. City should plow all students rental properties (see #6 Below). The MSU students are mostly walking! Look at MSU;
it keeps their sidewalks clear for professors, students and visitors. Can the city do the same?

3. City should plow sidewalks in all main areas

4. City should plow any four lane road: MAC, Albert, The DDA and BRA zones, Michigan ave, and Grand River,
from start to finish. Etc..

5. City should plow walkways near MacDonald, Hannah Plaza, ELHS, and all elementary school walks.

6. Most of Bailey Neighborhood should be plowed by the city because of so many college aged pedestrians.

7. Eliminate punitive fees, embrace the MSU students, and change your negative attitude toward landlord properties.

Comment: Richard Hill makes a good observation - there needs to be follow-up work done
by the city (I call this detail work) and it should be done immediately while plowing any area.
Look at it as THE ART OF SNOW PLOWING. Have a beautiful day!

The photos below represent Burcham as it is, right now! Is this proper management techniques?