Good things are happening in East Lansing!

Yesterday I witnessed a city maintenance worker removing frozen ice from the
sidewalk at Burcham and Lexington, by hand! There was a stretch of sidewalk about
40 feet long which traveled from Lexington to the alley (west).

This is the kind of effort we have been requesting from the city when there is
an obvious need for ice removal. I think this is an excellent beginning and
the way city services should be utilized in the winter. Support the tax payers!

Also, this evening a police car drove by me as I was walking to check on some
work at the duplex we own on Burcham. It was dark about 10:30PM. I waved as the police car past by me,
we were both traveling East on Burcham. The police car noticed a car traveling
West on Burcham about 40 miles per hour in a 25 mph zone, she made an abrupt
u-turn and pulled over the driver about a block further West. She could have let
the driver go, but no, she did her job and pulled over the vehicle. Thank you
ELPD. Burcham Drive has a posted 25 mph speed limit 24 hours per day.

And, a city maintenance man stop by our rental unit and asked how the snow removal was
going this year in front of our property. He wanted my input! He pointed out that, as a snow plow truck just past us
talking at the curb, that the truck was only traveling the posted 25 mph limit.
I thanked him for that and the inquiry. Service might be changing, again in favor
of the resident tax payers. Thank you Homer!

The Lansing State Journal just posted this story on their website:
It's pretty good reading and speaks about the protestors in front of EL city hall
yesterday evening.

LSJ article

And, Alice Dreger has a very interesting summary on her website, published today,
about what George Lahanas, city manager, told city council about the"bad news" regarding the
city's credit rating. It is a must read for all of us who think that all is well. All is not well!

City Credit Rating

Jim Cuddeback
Public Response

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