Publication in response to Mr. Hank's response about marijuana//Scott Bame

Mr. Hank talks about responsible individuals not driving while under the influence of marijuana and sites other examples of medications and circumstances. He is correct that there are statues for impaired driving.

Yet, human nature being as it is, there will be some who abuse and will drive while under the influence of marijuana or being intoxicated to a high level in the general public.

It still comes down to the point that there is not yet a standard that is reliable for determining the amount of usage that will be unacceptable while driving or in public. I assume two different standards. It is this amount that can be tested reliably that is the issue that I am talking about. Mr Hank cannot deny this.

Driving under the influence is a vague law that can catch some who are over medicated for the purposes of driving, yet each medication has a different level that would make it inappropriate for driving. It is by actions observed that determine whether someone is under the influence of medication. This is true for marijuana, there is no blood level or equivalent that can be legally a line of demarcation.

Just with alcohol, most individuals will not be abusive, in my opinion, it will be those who either feel they can hold there weed while driving or in public. The other possibility is a person losing track or the amount or the full effect is felt after driving for time.

Again, if we can find what amount and can test for it, my objections go away. Mr. Hank cannot give a specific amount after which driving under the influence of marijuana is illegal. I would not be surprise my objections here and in the previous posting helps this attorney's clients from being charged, or to have the charges thrown out in court.

It is still a technical issue, not a political one as some are trying to frame it.

As for Mr. Hank, we have other issues we agree upon. To me this is a debate I am not angry or think less of Mr. Hank for his opinion. This is why Public Response is so important for our community.

Scott Bame

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