Old technology won't work in this modern world

AM radio is a feature of the past. FM radio is becoming one.
.....I have electronics parts catalogs. None list a crystal radio ear phones. Half a pair of ear buds won't work.
Civil Defense is a concept past its time - unfortunately so.
.....Can anyone tell us the AM station that used to be THE Civil Defense broadcaster for this community?
How many people under the age of thirty have a radio that isn't in their automobile?
.....How many of that number have a fresh nine volt battery for it?
..........How many of them know what a nine volt battery is?
I know they know what AAA and AA batteries are. Those are required by the many remote control devices.

Here is the web site for the CADL ibrary Civil Defense Museum. Museum as in historical.

Cell phone towers all have backup systems. Many have backup generators.
More, and I don't like looking at them either, cell towers or stations is an answer.
A general cell broadcast telling people to get off the phone system during an emergency would be a start.
How specifically would one teach today's teens and young adults what a public emergency is? Other than shutting down their cell phones?

Don Bosman
Meridian Township

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