East Lansing Civil Defense Radio

There is a difference between taking another side of an issue and being closed minded to a discussion because of a lack of understanding, and an unwillingness to learn. This is not directed at anyone specific, check your shoe size for fit.

The goal is to save lives and protect property. If the best way of doing this was smoke signals I would be all for it. In this case, radio is the best fit for relaying information in an emergency. If we are talking AM, crank radios that can charge batteries, many are an AM/FM combination. The advantage to AM is that if the very worst happens, Morse code can be used and the signal then would go very, very far. Why? We would be asking for help.

But in most situations this is not going to happen. However, whether someone listens to radio or not in a normal situation, many still do, otherwise commercial radio would not survive. Most of the financial problems with radio are caused by the FCC not the marketplace. The exception is WKAR which did major modifications of the transmitter site at the worst possible economic time.

As for radio, if it is worth listening to, people will listen. One aspect of Mr. Bosman's comments are true, radio has not been radio for many decades. Again a problem at least intensified by the FCC. Vanilla radio, which we have in the Greater Lansing Market loses listeners. Real radio gains listeners.

I would imagine that the normal programming on a non-commercial station such as being proposed here was programmed decently, Mr. Bosman might listen occasionally. If it were an emergency at the level of the past ice storm, a similar person would be screaming up and down that the station was not giving estimated repair times by address.

The value is there, the imaging advantage will make a difference, and non-constructive nay sayers will be ignored.
Mr. Bosman, do a Google search for crystal radios sets or receivers, then go over to shopping. Page after page of sets are listed.

I would, however suggest that the City find a selection of better ones, buy them and offer then at a bit above cost. I would also suggest the same for AM/FM crank radios.

I too often I will tell a short story the long way. I was keeping the posting short for those who have difficulties with attention span.

As for technology. I am well aware of what is out there and what is good for fun sake. Most of these toys, suggested by Mr. Bosman, I would not depend upon when someone's life could be at stake.

If we can have some constructive criticism and some additional ideas, I am all for it.

More to come.

Scott Bame.
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