"...and for whom?"

How sad to think that the residential nature of that corridor could be changed to be so sterile! The triangle and Chesterfield hills are one of the few "jewel" neighborhoods left in East Lansing - East Lansing will be a totally boring town to visit because of "development" and for whom? Look at all the vacancies that exist presently! Please leave our town alone - Go build in somebody's living room In some other town!... reminds me of visiting a ghost town with no visible signs of life and vitality and what about kinship -get a grip on development - it is not what helps the over-taxed private property owners East Lansing - the developers will build it and make their profit and sell it to some out of state entity - have seen it happen over ad over again - talk about a loss of "place" and belonging - to cement and no front yard space more solid "blobs" with no sense of sun - just a shadow from the buildings!!!! Come on. It's not like we "need" more space to lease or rent for our current population - we can't even fill the available spaces now - we already have a glut.