Of course, our "developer-friendly mayor" and his ill-named "City Attorney" friend have managed to keep the "Public Servant City Attorney" initiative off of this November's ballot, but I think it's appropriate to point out the sordid history between DTN and the "City Attorney," with full-throated support from Triplett.

First, there is the "1033 Exchange" letter given to DTN by the "City Attorney" that gave DTN the "right" to defer their capital gains taxes accrued through the sale of the "Evergreen Arms" apartments to Strathmore (or whatever name they were using at the time), claiming that this wholly private sale was somehow forced by the City's use of Eminent Domain.

Later, we see the "City Attorney" giving VAER a "1031 Exchange" letter for the wholly private sale of the Americana and Eden Roc Apartements by VAER to DTN. In this case, it wasn't to avoid capital gains taxation, but to, as McGinty so eloquently put it --"The purpose of this [threat of condemnation] letter is not to extend the reinvestment period under a 1031 exchange. Seller plans to take the [hit?]. It is intended to avoid a defeasance or pre-payment penalty."

Lastly, we see that the "City Attorney" was one of a "committee" of two that vetted DTN's financials for the current iteration of "City Center 2.2" (the other member of the "committee" was Mary Haskell). Remember that this is the same "City Attorney" that tried to shove the "REDACTED" financial fiasco down our throats.

Keeping all of this deceit in mind, I urge you to VOTE NO on the sale of City-owned parking lots on Tuesday. There is too much deceit, and too many unanswered questions surrounding this ballot question.

And, please don't forget that, according to State law, the "Historic Properties" on Evergreen cannot be demolished to make way for a non-existent "development project," no matter what the outcome of the vote on Tuesday.

Details on some of these issues can be found at:
Smoking Guns of Deceit #17-19
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