• Title: Re: "thought I would give everyone a quick update" // Scott Bame //
  • Author: Mark Ladenson
  • Date: 01/05/2016
  • Additional Categories: WKAR, Recent Essays

Re: "thought I would give everyone a quick update" // Scott Bame //

At 05:17 PM 1/4/2016, Scott Bame wrote:


The Chicago PBS station is thinking about going off the air, too.

Reading that brought me up short. Doing a little Web search I found


a blogpost from two months ago, which argues that Chicago is overlooking almost half a million dollars by not

relinquishing the license of WYCC, Channel 20,, the little-watched noncommercial television station operated by City Colleges of Chicago.

That station is _not_ to be confused with the Chicago flagship public TV station, WTTW (which, I believe, produces the McLauglin Report).

I hope that since that blogpost was written Mr. Bame doesn't have any information indicating that WTTW is in danger of going off the air.

Mark Ladenson

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