Cole Academy Considerations

East Lansing tax payers might want to ask the folks planning to build the new charter school if they’d handle the proposed construction of the new elementary schools for East Lansing.

East Lansing’s $93.77 million dollar building plan has a projected cost per square foot of $215.21 for new construction and up to $172.67 for new upgrades proposed for Red Cedar. Cole Academy has announced plans to open a 23,000-square foot facility costing $4.26 million, including $475,000 for the six-acre site. That’s $185 a square foot—a full 14 percent less. At that rate EL would require a bond closer to $80 million. Interestingly, the architectural and engineering fees have gone from 6.36% for the 2012 proposed bond to 8.00% for this one—a cool $7.5 million increase or about 26%.

But—why look closely at the costs? After all we’re talking about taxpayer money and it’s all for the kids…

Someone might want to ask how many of those kids will end up at Cole Academy?

District Bond Updates.
- Bill Weckesser

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