School Bond 2017

In response to comments from Jim C. and Karen H. about the park behind Marble: Building on a city park would require an easement, which would have to be granted by the council. No one has contacted the city about an easement. I have no interest in cannibalizing a park or changing the character of a quiet backstreet.

It's easy to see what happened. As with other sites, the architect saw greenspace and assumed that this could be used to move things around.

At council on Tuesday, Dori Leyko, the Acting Superintendent, spoke on the bond during public comment, and I asked if she could address questions like this that have come up about these initial design renderings. Another issue concerned Pinecrest, where the issue had to do with drainage and wetlands.

The answer is that these initial renderings are initial renderings. There's not actually any money to do real design unless and until the bond passes, at which point the design will involve significant community input (and all the other standard engineering and other review) to make sure these are functional and attractive community assets.

Erik Altmann

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