Re: School Bond 2017

I don’t believe my response was ever published. Can you ensure the below is posted in response to some of these questions?

The maps that the district have provided are conceptual maps only created to show relational size of buildings and one idea of how buildings can be placed on the sites. Already in response to early concerns by community members, new maps have been drawn for the Pinecrest school and will be completed very shortly for Marble.

The district has also promised to have the process outlined as to how input will be used by the neighborhood communities as soon as possible.

Those decisions will include where the building, parking and drop-off are placed on the site as well as decision about the interior, one or two story building and entry design.

(I was in a bond meeting tonight where the above was reiterated by the architecture firm’s representative.)

Tali Faris-Hylen
Ripple Public Relations
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