Anyone reading Ms. Hylen know she is speaking from the heart

I'm sorry, but I'm not going to do all the things you want me to do. I kept checking the school site until they had the millage info up. I read it. I read the mailings that promoted the millage. I have read the articles about the millage, and of course, I read what was on Public Response.

If the professional hucksters are missing it in their campaign, talk to them. If the school board is missing the points you feel are not being addressed, talk to the board. If someone has information that is not being presented on PR, have them post it.

But, I am someone who will read the information and see if the numbers crunch. They don't. In fact this is one of the few times Rima Addiego and I agreed on something. Yet, I have always had the highest respect for her and her efforts. I don't think less of a person because we disagree, if their position is presented well. I think you would like the Addiegos, they are good people. If you don't like someone because they disagree with you; I am sorry for your loss.

Let us say that everything you say is true. I am not inferring that you lied, but may be inaccurate. But, let's say you are correct. The almost $25 million savings through a remodeling instead of demolition and rebuilding, that is what is killing the millage for those who would normally vote for a school millage.

Now let's think of it from another point of view. You are a single mother. You are almost, but not quite making the money needed to house and feed your kids. The increase property tax is past through in the rent, so she has to pay more every month.

Now she will have to start skipping meals to keep a roof over her family. Maybe the kids have to skip a meal because there is not enough money for rent and food. Maybe someone in the family needs medicine, possibly a child with ADD or even worse. Each time we pass a millage more families in East Lansing drown.

What about the elderly? They have given and given. They voted in the past for school millages even though they no longer had kids in the schools. They value good education.

Property values are finally coming up to where they can finally sell their home and move to a more accommodating situation. This millage will again push property values back down because of the debt load against the whole community. And don't forget, the City is trying to pass a City Income Tax because of all the money they wasted.

No, Ms. Hylen the numbers don't work, the improved education for the students is not there. It's all about fancy new buildings when the real issue should be better teachers through better pay.

I'm sure if I met you I would enjoy the conversation, but I know meeting someone new as with my wife and me is not your intent. Let's fix the problems responsibly without destroying the economics of the City.

Instead of demolishing buildings, let's remodel. Instead of building more buildings than the school district will need within just a few years, let's invest in teachers and curriculum. Instead of following other districts with a 'Me, too!' philosophy, let's find out what will improve the education for our students.

Maybe for your family, investing in the same amount that that the millage would cost you in some tutoring, may yield greater benefits for your children. I do not know one student who would not benefit from some tutoring. It is a cheap investment that pays big dividends.

I urge you to do as I am doing and vote "NO!" Then let's work to put a realistic millage plan together that will honestly deal with the issues and not swamp those who are financially fragile with a project that is doomed before it is launched, even if the millage passes.

Scott Bame

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