I did not call the School Board stupid

I got a few behind the scenes comments, charging me for calling the School Board stupid. I did not. I said the millage was a stupid idea. Sadly, I believe this was the School Board's best effort.

When this millage does not fix the educational problems, the School Board will be coming back, hat in hand, asking for more money. Too many citizens are at the breaking point financially, maybe it would be nice to let them have a little extra money in their pocket.

I cannot remember anyone coming out and saying a flat 'No' about a millage. Where the 'No' is applied is with this millage. Some have said, and I agree and have said so, that the millage as proposed should have been in two pieces. I believe updating the schools with improvements to the buildings and an addition to a building or two would be supported.

This millage is a slash and burn and leaves no wiggle room to fix the problems this millage will cause. Next time it might be only 4 mils to fix the problems or do the things that should have been done in the first place.

How many skipped meals for someone on the edge, financially, do you think this millage is worth? What if it were some children who might be missing some meals, or grandmothers?

How many mistakes will be acceptable with design and construction? I remember going to a student play at the high school and saw an electrical conduit strapped to the wall in a hallway. Someone forgot to include this electrical run in the blueprints and therefore it was placed in a hallway. Granted, this was a small mistake, but we will be living with it for decades.

How many mistakes made if this millage passes will be acceptable before the School Board comes back asking for more money to fix the problems that this millage caused?

No plans, only rough ideas, and a slash and burn approach to school buildings. I sounds like a a great idea, doesn't it. If you haven't voted 'No' yet, vote 'No' tomorrow.

As for the School Board? They are mis-informed, not stupid. What is stupid is this millage.

Scott Bame